Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hello! It's 2:26 a.m. PST and I'm starting a new chapter of my online life--my blogging life. I am a BIG sister to my 6 younger brothers. I have my own BIG brother. I am a BIG Mama to my 6-month old baby girl. Our customers say that I am a BIG assistance to them. I want to be a BIG help to anyone and everyone. I am your cyber BIG-sister.

I love research and reading. I am familiar with stuff in the United States and in Asia (particularly in the Philippines). I want to share my knowledge in the ABCs of life and (when I have free time) I can help you with your research for FREE!!! I also want to learn from all of you.

Please forgive me if I made/will make some errors in grammar etc. Like all of us, I am just human but I am doing my best in everything

....I have the song "I want to spend my lifetime loving you..." in the background (as sung in the karaoke by my ever-noisy neighbors). I hope that I will be able to spend this lifetime making a difference...